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 CyberMoon Daily Magick Magickal

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PostSubject: CyberMoon Daily Magick Magickal   Sun May 02, 2010 6:03 pm

~ A Penny for Your Protection ~

In 1877, a mask was worn by the catcher at a Harvard baseball game. This is believed to be the first time a catcher’s mask was used. To weave a spell of protection, gather a penny, some thin white string or embroidery floss, a birthday candle, and a red marker. Take a centering breath, tapping into your strength and power as well as the power of Mother Earth, then draw a pentacle on the candle with the marker. Concentrate on bringing the power of the elements to your aid by saying, By air, fire, water, earth, and spirit, give me strength and protection.

Light the candle and begin wrapping the string around the penny, chanting:
Light and wisdom will
surround me, as all evil moves around me.
When you are done, tie a knot and say:
As I will it, so mote it be, protection come to me three times three.
Carry the penny close to your body.

... by Gail Wood

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~ Licorice Root Cut ~

Exuding a delightful lemony scent, Lemon Verbena, or Aloysia triphylla, comes from a flowering plant that produces lavender or white hued blossoms briefly in August or September. Quite frequently used in culinary practices, the herb is often used to add a lemon flavor to fish or poultry dishes, and can also be found in flavoring marinades, salad dressings, and numerous other desserts and soft drinks. Tradition and folk lore also hold that Lemon Verbena can be a powerful aid in magick, being of particular use in both protection and love spells. Some wear it in this manner as an aid in increasing charms and attracting the opposite sex, while others wear a sprig around the neck to stop dreaming. It can also be used in addition to other charms, to otherwise increase their power. In more modern herbalism, Lemon Verbena is traditionally used for aromatherapy where it is used to calm and relax, and when its leaves are dried they can retain their wonderful scent for years. This resul ts in it being a popular addition Recognized globally as variety of candy and a flavoring for soft drinks, Licorice Root, or Glycyrrhiza glabra, has also long been known to possess a wide variety of beneficial qualities. In Chinese Medicine, it has been used for ages to harmonize the other ingredients in a formula, as well as to help carry the formula to the twelve "regular meridians." It has also been found as a flavoring agent in soft drinks, herbal teas, as well as in medicine to help disguise the unpleasant tastes of some of the other ingredients. In Italy and Spain Licorice is chewed as a breath freshener, and Chinese cuisine uses it as a spice, often for broth and foods simmered in soy sauce. Since ancient times, it has also been used as an expectorant, particularly in Ayurvedic Medicine. Modern cough syrups frequently use licorice extracts, proving once more some of the wisdom of the lore of old. Conventional and naturopathic treatments of mouth and peptic ulcers sometimes also utilize Licorice, and it may be used as a topical agent for treating shingles and, as some herbalists claim, oral or genital herpes. Licorice has also been found to be of use in treating digestive ailments such as leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and Crohn`s Disease. Note: Use should be avoided if you are pregnant, nursing, or have high blood pressure.

*** See your health care professional for your health needs. ***

-:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:-

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*Blessed Moon's Day!
*Light White candles
*Burn incense of Myrtle, Camphor, Aloes
*Monday is ruled by Moon
*Monday's angel is Gabriel
*Colors of The Day: Silver, Grey, White
*Monday's Stones: Moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine, pearl, or crystal. Use an emerald for amulets
*Lucky Sign: Monday Is The Lucky Day For The Sign of Cancer
*Work with agriculture, domestic matters, long life, medicine, travels, visions
*Dieties: Aegir, Arianrhod, Artemis & Diana, Athena & Minerva, Bast, Blodeuwedd, Boann, Cerridwen, Crone, Eastre, Gabriel, Great_Mother, Hera & Juno, Idunna, Isis, Luna & Celene, Macha, Merlin, Nephthys, Ninhursag, Nyx & Nox, Persephone, Rhiannon, Thoth are honored today.

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Goddess Inspiration Oracle Kit
Diety of The Day - PELE
Fiery Mountain Woman

In Hawaiin legend, Pele is the Fiery Mountain Woman. From Her volcanic energy new land masses are formed as old ones are swept away. The ocean islands are Her children. She is the Mountain Mother and the Devouring Crone. The Wise Woman places no value judgments on this Natural law. Pele teaches cooperatively with Nature, adapting ourselves instead of foolishly resisting Her law.

Affirmation: I feel good about all of me. I pay attention to those areas in my body and emotions that are calling me. I speal my truth and I'm comfortable with it, even if it means going against outside authorities.

)0( SOURCES: "365 Goddess" by Patricia Telesco
"The Book of Goddesses" by Nancy Blair
)0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:-


We are experiencing a wide spectrum of feelings today as the Moon joins explosive Uranus, opposes restrictive Saturn and squares transformative Pluto. However, we may turn our serious emotions into impulsive actions when the Moon enters just-do-it Aries at 9:30 am EDT. But even if we react spontaneously to the complicated circumstances we are trying to manage, indulgent Venus forms a stressful aspect with stern Saturn to remind us of our limitations.

-:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:-

[size=21][b]MOON IQ
[size=9][b]MOON PHASE

Last Quarter falls on Sunday, March 07, 2010 at 10:44 AM
New Moon falls on Monday, March 15, 2010 at 5:03 PM
First Quarter falls on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 7:00 AM
Full “Worm” Moon falls on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 10:25 PM

**** )0( ****
( Waning Moon: Symbolic of letting go, surrender, release, quiet time, contemplation, and a time of incubation. New Moons: Symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh start, rebirth ) Waxing Moon: Symbolic of growth, manifestation, attainment, gravidity (heavy with child – both philosophical and literal). O Full Moon: Symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire.

-:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:-


For Northern and Southern Hemispheres
December 21: Winter Solstice/Yule: Northern Hemisphere - Summer Solstice: Southern Hemisphere
March 17: St Patrick's Day
March 22 Ostara: Northern Hemisphere - Mabon: Southern Hemisphere
May 6: Beltane: Northern Hemisphere - Samhain: Southern Hemisphere
June 23: Summer Solstice - Winter Solstice/Yule:Southern Hemisphere
Aug 8: Lammas:Northern Hemisphere - Candlemas:Southern Hemisphere
September 24 : Mabon/Autumnal Equinox: Northern Hemisphere - Ostara:Southern Hemisphere
October 31 : Samhain: Northern Hemisphere - Beltane: Southern Hemisphere
December 23 : Yule

-:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:-


[size=9][b]April Birthstones
Modern Birthstone - Diamond
Traditional Birthstone - Diamond
Mystical Birthstone - Opal
Ayurvedic Birthstone - Diamond
Other - Quartz, White Sapphire
April Star stones
Star Sign: Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)
Birthstone: Bloodstone, Diamond
Planetary Stone: Jasper
Lucky Charms: Bloodstone, Jasper, Diamond
Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)
Birthstone: Sapphire, Turquoise, Amber, Blood Coral, Emerald
Planetary Stone: Emerald, Aventurine
Lucky Charms: Sapphire, Diamond

-:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:- )0( -:;:-

Have a blessed day and a wonderful night. Sweet dreams to all.

Brightest Blessings,


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CyberMoon Daily Magick Magickal
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